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Sparkling on international arena Yingkou Tiancheng leading the smart fire protection Secutech Viet Nam 2018 comes to a successful conclusion

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Sparkling on international arena Yingkou Tiancheng leading the smart fire protection Secutech Viet Nam 2018 comes to a successful conclusion

Date:2018-08-18 Author: Click:

Secutech Viet Nam 2018 comes to a successful conclusion on Aug. 18 in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. This year’s exhibition area reached 10,000 m2, attracting over 270 exhibitors from over 20 countries and over 10,000 attendees from 15 countries. High participation and satisfaction from our international visitors makes the secutech Viet Nam 2018 a crucial business platform of security and fire protection industry in the Viet Nam region.


Recently, by taking more active role in global economy, Viet Nam has accelerated its domestic reform and injected vitality to innovation. As the major circumstance getting better and more needs for public security have come to our front in Viet Nam, the Viet Nam government has put more emphasis on infrastructure, improving people’s livelihood, and more demands for fire protection equipment coming from construction of airport, high speed road, super-high road surveillance, commercial building, residence, supermarket, shops, etc.


The newly launched strategic products by Yingkou Tiancheng----‘Smart Fire Protection Home Safety System’ and ‘Smart Fire Protection System’ has made it possible to linkage whole set of fire protection products and focused on the construction of future ‘Smart City’ using cloud computing which is capable to be connected to APP on mobiles through management platform and to realize effective operation and linkage cooperation of fire alarm system, thus solve the potential safety hazard in ‘three minor places and nine minor places’. Tiancheng has acquired consistent praise and high comment from visitors with our enthusiastic and professional presentation.


Major General, Mr. Doan Viet Muong, head of Fire Protection and Rescue Bureau from Viet Nam Public Security Ministry, after attending our presentation at the booth about strategic products of Tiancheng, has made a comment that ‘as the fire protection market in Viet Nam is getting more mature, Viet Nam welcomes technical and powerful Chinese enterprises like Tiancheng to come and expand their business here and help the local cities with their construction’.


While maintaining its stable and robust development, Tiancheng is also seeking chances to go abroad and expand its reputation and its influence on the global arena. This participation of Secutech Viet Nam 2018 is a key strategy of its southeast Asia layout, which positively will impact the future international market. In the coming future, Tiancheng basing on this, will keep its original commitment and stick to national strategy ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, boost ‘Made in China 2025’ plan and do its little bit to help build the ‘Chinese Dream’.



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